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 I do movies, dance, and philosophy in a multiverse of realities…

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Founder / Director 

Babak Geranfar (1984 – Iran) is a cineaste and writer. He has been a keen scholar of the film philosophy with a focus on the works of philosophers like Cavell and Deleuze for the past decade and collaborated with various Journals and portals in this field such as “Conversations: Journal of Cavellian Studies” and “DeleuzeCinema”. He has been contributing to numerous Iranian and international papers and publications since 2001 in both English and Persian and his movies can be seen in festivals and VOD platforms. He found his obsession with experimental cinema a legacy of the joy of the thought experiments of the philosophy. His films are deliberately engaging other ways of telling stories to open our eyes.

Film Comment Magazine: On “45 Years” By Andrew Haigh – 2016
Conversations: Journal of Cavellian Studies: The Malick Viewed – 2017
DeleuzeCinema: Import / Export : The Impact of Philosophy on Iranian Film Literature – 2014
Deutsche Foto Journalism (2013 – Present)
Cheshmeh Publishers: Chief Editor of Film Studies Series (2004 – 2007)بابک-گرانفر.html
A Collection (Gozideh) – Experimental Short – 2018 – Iran,Turkey, UAE {EFM-Berlinale 2017}Vol.1. Five Easy Pieces: Trans-media Storytelling
1-1 Meeting Tom Cruise: A Bad Movie {Official selection: International Psychoanalytical Association Video Award 2014 – 1st Tehran International Mobile Film Festival}

1-2 Shemr: A Romantic Ride {Official selection: 2nd Tehran International Mobile Film Festival}

1-3 Mute

1-4 #Backdash

1-5 Not Just Any Superhero: The Dancer

Vol.2. Innocence Trilogy

2-1 Looking for Innocence: Istiklal Caddesi {Official selection: 12th Tassvir Film Festival}

2-2 Noushin {Official selection: IndieFest Film Festival – 4th Pune International Short Film Festival – 48th WorldFest International Film and Video Award / Winner of Bronze Remi [Original Dramatic Short] Award from WorldFest-Houston, April 2015}

2-3 Konfidenz

 The Lost Gold – Documentary – 52 min {EFM-Berlinale 2017}

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